B2B Mobile Commerce Platform enabling self-service sales within your RTM Channel

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B2B buyers have more power than ever before. A preference for self-service and eCommerce — accelerated by social distancing — is also changing the nature of buyer-vendor engagement.

Watch how this FIELDForce add on provides seamless B2B Self Service Sales extending the RTM Channle sales reach while offering greater merchant service and satisfaction.


During a 1 hour virtual session we will unpack how MACmobile's new STOREApp for FIELDForce will help spaza shops and merchants order direct from your RTM Supply Chain securely via their mobile phone in their own convenience.

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We employ creative and free thinking software developers and trainers in order to develop leading edge mobile-centric business intelligence
MACmobile and it's offerings have been used by the biggest brands in the industry, and are used to this day!

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We are a provider of purpose-built and adaptable end-to-end cloud-based FMCG value chain solutions and platforms.

With over 15 years of experience, 2 regional offices, hundreds of installations across Africa, MACmobile enables its customers to seamlessly adopt new technologies, automate their supply chain and provide order-to-invoice generation.

MACmobile collaborates closely with its customers and business partners in 14 countries to accelerate their business performance.